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Chargemaster Services

Comprehensive Chargemaster Assessment with Education

The Comprehensive Chargemaster Assessment with Education is designed to evaluate overall accuracy of the hospital's CPT-4/HCPCS coding, assignment of appropriate revenue codes, and proper line item descriptions of the services performed. The audit includes a comprehensive review of supplies, equipment, implants, drugs and any pass-through eligible items. Interviews with each of the clinical department directors is a critical component of our review in order to properly identify procedures performed and to determine which supplies, drugs, implants and equipment are utilized in the procedures. This process ensures that the chargemaster is properly coded for accurate reimbursement and compliance with the CMS's coding, coverage and billing practices. During the one-on-one interview process with the clinical department directors training is provided that not only demonstrates where and why the changes are being made to the departments chargemaster, the hospital staff are being trained on how best to utilize the corrected chargemaster on a day to day basis for coding and billing accuracy. The chargemaster assessment is a 100% review of all line items involving procedures, supplies, equipment, pharmacy and pass-throughs.

Interventional Radiology and Cardiology

Interventional radiology and cardiology coding reviews are often included in the chargemaster review and update process. Interventional coding is driven not only by excellent coding skills but by a significant grasp of anatomy and the procedures performed by the physician. The economic value of correct coding and billing of these procedures is very significant.

Review of UB-92s

Review of UB-92s, detail bills and remittance advices complements the assessment to ensure accurate data integrity and accuracy while identifying reimbursement opportunities in a compliant manner.

Chargemaster Implementation Assistance with Education (Maintenance)

Due to a variety of reasons hospitals have difficulty in actually implementing corrected chargemaster recommendations. This generally involves situations such as, staff shortage / turnover or department managers not understanding of the coding process. We offer additional assistance on all levels to coordinate and guarantee successful implementation. We also offer focused education in areas such as, interventional component coding to insure that all staff members understand their departments "methodology" of billing for services. This type of education elevates the staff's knowledge of coding to a higher level by empowering them with the necessary skills to assist or participate with the hospital chargemaster team in maintaining a "compliant" chargemaster. Our focused education eliminates staff member's false perception of actual services being performed and provides understanding of proper coding as it relates to department budgets, productivity and staffing.

Further HCS offers on-going chargemaster maintenance. This program provides additional technical assistance to the hospital in continually maintaining their chargemasters, providing coding and billing updates, answering technical coding and billing questions, setting up and billing new procedures, supplies, drugs and implants.

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